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My name is Andrea Holyfield and I am a career transition specialist and a women’s empowerment coach. I believe that we all have a space that we are destined to occupy and that when we do not fully LIVE in that space we experience discomfort. This discomfort can manifest itself as stress, depression or even physical pain. As an experienced transition specialist and career development professional, it is my honor to work with individuals who are looking to make real changes in their personal and professional lives. I enjoy working with people who are fighting to get out of a limiting space. I am skilled in assisting men and women who wish to radically change the way that they live. Whether you are looking to start a new career, open a new business or explore your passion, I want to work with you through the process.

Professionally I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Kent State University. I have a master’s degree in professional counseling for Georgia State University. My passion is helping women discover new options and choices and rid themselves from feeling stuck. I have developed specialized training and interventions to work with a diverse set of clients ranging for young adults in a college setting to mid-level executives in a professional setting. I’d love to speak with you about how we might work together to create a better overall life for you.

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