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You Have a Resume...Now What?

You Have a Resume...Now What?

Last Wednesday I partnered with the Georgia State Alumni Association and presented the workshop, So You Have a Resume, Now What? From my experience many job seekers see the resume as the the most important part of the job search and I understand. The resume is a necessary tool for the application process, but did you know that your chances of simply uploading a resume and landing a job through an online application are extremely low? The latest reports show that up to 85% of all jobs are filled through networking. So in addition to a resume active job seekers should have three additional tools:

1. A Networking Business Card. Job seekers are encouraged to actively network. As you're participating in coffee chats, seminars, conferences and meet ups you'll want to leave people your contact information and a reminder of your skill set. Pulling out a resume would be a bit akward. Consider creating a business card for your brand.

2. A Online Profile. Right now the go to site for professional networking is LinkedIn, but you may also have a website, online portfolio or blog that demonstrates your experience and subjet matter expertise. Employers are looking for you online. Don't miss an opportunity to brand yourself.

3. An Elevator Pitch: An elevator pitch is how you introduce yourself, your skills and your professional brand. It should be 30 seconds or less and should spark interest in the person you're speaking with. A good elevator pitch requires personal reflection and research about career trends and goals. 

Do you have the tools that you need to be successful in your job search? Would you be interested in a free training to develop your job search toolkit? Later this week I will be announcing a free webinar for those of you that were unable to attend the Atlanta workshop. Do you want more info? Comment below to make sure you get the info!

Coach Drea

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  • Cynthia Smith

    12 June 2017 at 10:08 | #

    Great Article Andrea,
    I am a 20 year employee of another organization making a change in this new world call Technology!


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