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Three Tips to Help You Win on LinkedIn

Three Tips to Help You Win on LinkedIn

It is no secret I am a fan of LinkedIn. I have seen how powerful the tool can be for job seekers and professionals focused on growing their professional brand, but like any powerful tool in order to see positive results you must know how to use the tool. I teach LinkedIn to students, individuals in transition, coaches and consultants and the primary thing that I focus on is using LinkedIn to both build and foster relationships.

The power of LinkedIn doesn’t come from having 500 contacts. LinkedIn nirvana begins with 500 relationships. There’s a difference! So today I want to share three things that you should do right now after you read this article…to win on LinkedIn.

  1. Customize Your Connection Requests: Because of the type of work that I do, I receive a LOT of LinkedIn connection requests. The ones that I respond to are the ones where a person took a moment to address me as a person and let me know why they wanted to be a part of my network. Take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself to your future networking partner. It sets the tone for a better, more productive relationship.
  2. Read Your Notifications: Notifications are such a cool engagement tool. I check my notifications daily to monitor my connection’s activity. When I see someone celebrating a new job or an anniversary I not only hit “like,” but I also send a quick note. That type of activity gives me a reason to follow up and reestablish a relationship.
  3. Message a Contact: It’s great that you’ve connected on LinkedIn, but now it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. Now you should actually COMMUNICATE! Maybe you’ve seen an interesting article about their company. Maybe you appreciated their comment on another post. Whatever the reason, send a message and say hello. Relationships require communication BEFORE you need something.

If you want to win on LinkedIn you have to use it as a vehicle to build genuine relationships. No. Every LinkedIn is not a future bestie, but you should find peers, influencers and other members of your every growing, always evolving network. Will you try these three things today?

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  • Cynthia Smith

    12 June 2017 at 09:28 | #

    Andrea this is great information. As I use LinkedIn even more now for my next career,
    I value these explosive tips.


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