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Ten Places to Find Networking Partners

Ten Places to Find Networking Partners
Today I had a great networking conversation with a professional in the financial planning arena. Although we're in very different professional spaces, we were both able to share resources and ideas that were beneficial to each other. Networking is very important to your professional growth. It's important that we find ways to talk to people all the time.
For today's Career Tip Tuesday, I thought I'd share ten places you can find networking partners:
  1. LinkedIn: If you know me, you knew this was going to be first. LinkedIn is a great way to expand your networking circle and meet movers and shakers in your industry. 
  2. Professional Associations: Every profession and industry has an association with members with a vested interest in the field. Surround yourself with people who understand what you do.
  3. On the Job: Yes. You come to work to work, but don't miss out on valuable relationshiops. Treat a supervisor to lunch and pick her brain or connect with people in different departments. Remember it's not always about who you know, but who knows you!
  4. In Your Neighborhood: Joining community organizations such as a Homeowners Associations or even Parent Teacher Associations will connect you with people who live and work in your city. Every person who knows what you do is potentially someone you can network with.
  5. Religious Institutions: Many organizations now have ministries and groups for various groups of people. Whether you join the singles ministry or the job search ministry, don't miss out on networking with a group of people that share your values.
  6. Networking Groups: The website, Meetup, brings people together with a common interest. Find a group related to job search or your profession and network! 
  7. Gym: This isn't one that I know a whole lot about, but if you're a gym member you'll find yourself running into the same people all the time. Join a class! Partner with someone and work out together. 
  8. Conferences: Volunteer or present at a professional conference. People have to approach you and ask questions. Collect contact information and keep in touch!
  9. Classes and Workshops: Enroll in a class to update or learn a skill. Being in the class gives you and your classmates something in common. 
  10. Alumni Events: Ask you college about opportunities to connect with other graduates at social events. Having a school in common is a great starting point for a networking conversation.  
 This is by no means a complete list. There are tons of other places to find networking partners. Where do you network? Drop your favorite place/tool below.
Andrea Holyfield, MS
Career Transition Specialist, Women's Empowerment Coach
Live Well Coaching & Professional Development Services

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