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Instagram Saved my Reorganization

Instagram Saved my Reorganization

As you know I’ve been working on reorganizing my office. In my last blog I issued a challenge to myself. I said that I would have a beautifully organized workspace in the next ten days. Well that time has come and gone and I’m not quite finished with my office, but it’s come a LONG way. Partially because of some really great advice that I received from a professional organizer.

As I typically do after a blog I posted a note on Instagram voicing my frustration and asking my IG folks for suggestions. I don’t get a whole lot of feedback on Instagram, but I usually get a nugget or two that helps me help myself or one of my clients. This time when I shared my struggle my call was answered by the owner of Posh Life Enterprise LLC, a full service professional organizing company that also offers virtual assisting and editing services. Tyra, the owner, posted a simple instruction that changed the way that I approached the whole project.

“First step is to take inventory of what you want to keep and toss or donate. Only then can you begin to organize.” Tyra’s words seem so simple, but her advice gave me permission to do what I really needed to do and that was to make an even bigger mess! I’ve been restacking, boxing and shuffling stuff that needed to be purged! I knew that, but as a busy mom and entrepreneur I hadn’t wanted to take the time to really dig into my office space, but it was needed.

Tyra and I took our conversation offline and she continued to stress the importance of creating systems to organize my space and increase productivity. For example, Tyra shared with me that her motto is “Organization is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle.” I love this because it reminded me that I need systems in place to manage my work as well as my workspace. To achieve one of the beautiful works spaces that I see on my Home Office Pinterest board, I needed to take assessment of what I really do and how I use my space and think about how I want my office to run and function.

So since we’ve last spoken I’ve done a LOT of purging, shedding and shredding. I’ve made a few purchases too. I’m not quite ready for a big reveal, but I’m close! So stay tuned. Also, if you check Tyra and her folks out over at Posh Life, please tell her that Coach Drea sent you.

Live Well, Work Well!

Coach Drea

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