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Find Your People in 3 Easy Steps

Find Your People in 3 Easy Steps

One of the most important career lessons that I’ve learned is how important it is to find your people. Who are the people that understand your profession? Who are the people who “get” your goals? Everything that I teach from LinkedIn to Informational Interviewing requires my client to know the people that can impact and influence their field. So today I want to provide you with a few tools for finding your people!

  1. Join Professional Associations: Professional Associations allow you to surround yourself with industry experts who could impact and influence your career. Additionally, by joining professional associations you’ll have access to professional development opportunities, trainings and other valuable information. Every profession has an association. Have you researched yours?
  2. Establish Work Relationships: Get to know your professional peers. I’m always so shocked about how little people actually network with the people that they spend so much time with. Talk to your colleagues not just about work, but about their career plans. You may learn something to add to your goal list.
  3. Join Groups on LinkedIn: There is a group for just about everything on LinkedIn. I suggest that you find 3 – 5 groups related to the part of your job that you are interested in developing your skill set or the areas that you’d like to be seen as a subject matter expert. Network with the people in those groups. Find out the tools, methodology and skills that they use in their workplace and use that knowledge to help you continue your professional development.

Even if you just tried one of these tips for the next 90 days, you’re certain to expand your network and find people to engage with in your field. Which tip will you start with?

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