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5 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

5 Ways to Make Friends as an Adult

My daughter is 12 and quite the introvert. She values relationships, but does not perform the commonly acceptable actions to initiate and maintain those relationships. I’m always encouraging her to reach out to people and express interest in what they’re doing. I want her to have friends, associates and later in life, a professional network.

Today I was having a conversation with an old friend and she was telling me that she struggles to meet women as an adult. Once you’re no longer in school or playing outside with your friends, she asked, how do you create new bonds? Great question!!!! I gave it some thought and came up with a couple of ideas. This is by all means not an exhaustive list; feel free to add your tips in the comments section.

  1. Joining social media groups on Facebook or LinkedIn is a great way to meet people that you share an interest with, but simply joining the group won’t earn you a new friend. You’ll want to be active in the group and by sharing information and commenting on posts that other group members start.
  2. Take a class. Whether it’s Zumba or Basket Weaving, pick something that you’re interested in and go! You’ll be surrounded by people that you have at least one thing in common with. That’s a great start to a new friendship!
  3. Volunteer for a cause that you care about. Make a difference while meeting new people! I’ve met great people through my volunteer work and many of them refer clients to my private practice.
  4. Join a professional organization or association. Professional organizations typically have networking events, training and outreach programs that will allow you to meet people in your field. Joining associations will help you both personally and professionally.
  5. Set play dates. If you have a child, human or four-legged, schedule play dates with other parents. Bonding over the experience of parenthood is a no-brainer. While you’re sharing teething tips or comparing notes about math tutors you will identify with parents that you’d like to be friends with.

Remember that not every new friend will become a bridesmaid at your wedding, but relationships are important. If you take each of the five actions listed above you might meet five very different people OR there might be one person whom you share multiple interests with. The most important thing is to get out of the house! Your new friends will probably not come knocking at your door. Take an action or two. It will pay off in the long run.

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