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3 Common 2017 Interview Questions

3 Common 2017 Interview Questions

It’s 2017 and interviews have changed! If you haven’t interviewed externally in a while you might feel a bit unprepared. Interviewing successfully requires research and practice. On top of that, questions change depending on the type of interview, your level of experience and your field or industry, but there are three questions anyone should be prepared to answer in any interview. Do you know what they are? Let’s explore the three interview questions that you are most likely to be asked in 2017. 

  1. Tell Me About Yourself: This isn’t a new question…at all. Tell me about yourself has been an opening interview question for years, but somehow so many people still don’t answer it correctly. Mastering this question requires some knowledge of who you are and what about you is important to the interviewer. Ideally you’ll want to keep your answer succinct, relate it to your experience and professional credentials and plant a seed explaining why you’re the best candidate for the role.
  1. What is Your Greatest Accomplishment: Often times we go about doing our job without thinking about accomplishments, but this is an old school error. The savvy professional now inventories her wins and chronicles her successes so that she can make them a part of her career story. Have accomplishments prepared to share that highlight your strengths as they relate to the role. In my Communication Strategy webinar we will discuss how to craft your very own career stories NOW before you are under the pressure of prepping for an interview.
  1. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job: The strategy for attacking this question will determine on if your separation was voluntary or involuntary, but either way there’s a strategy. What’s important either way is that you’ve done your homework and can point out specific things about the opportunity that you’re interviewing for that are more ideal for you today. If you were laid off you will want to focus on the fact that there was a business decision that lead to your separation, but then focus on what you’re looking for now. If you were fired you’ll have to own up to it, but be prepared to discuss how this position/company/culture is more idea. If you are leaving on your own explain what’s missing and what you’re looking for.

This Thursday, June 6th I’m hosting a one hour training where I will break down each of these questions as part of your overall communications strategy. I announced the training yesterday to my current clients, but will allow 50 participants to register. If you want to start working on your interviewing and networking skills this is a must attend event. Click here to register.

If you’ve interviewed recently comment below and let me know if you were asked these questions. If so what were your answers?

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